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Greatness they say takes time, so do accomplishments. Deceased legends have lived their time, living legends are living in their prime time whereas upcoming legends are yet to relish peak times.The common thing about these three categories of legends is the fact that their legendary status is time bound. Time is of the essence – literally everything, no matter what planet it may be, from Mercury to Pluto is regulated by time factor. It’s ubiquitous attribute makes it inevitable for the ordinary genus.

No wonder it’s a word with one of the most diverse but similar definitions. Time has no regard for existence and is irrespective of speed. In naturalism, it can neither be fast forwarded nor slow paced to suit the pleasures of man. It moves at its own span – unchangeable.

A man’s time piece is arguably the most expensive article of fashion he owns; what does it…

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Productive Thinker

One is considered to be Productive if he/she is able to achieve a positive outcome or an expected result. Productiveness shows how your performance reflects  in the area or sector you’re placed. It shows how effective and efficient you are.
Remember where a man engages his MIND productively, he can never be trapped by the enemy. On earth,there’s nothing great but man and in man there’s nothing great but mind. So our mind is a powerful tool for productiveness. Productive thinkers rule the world. One may ask, who is a thinker? A thinker is one who perceives the impossible to be possible. A thinker challenges himself with questions that seems unanswerable. He speaks the language of thinkers. A thinker exercises his mind, usually in an effort to reach a decision. A thinker is able to synthesize an information and knowledge to achieve a solution. A thinker is persistent in seeking for answers and solutions. There are certain characteristics of a thinker. They are humble,curios, indefatigable, persistent, open- minded, tolerates ambiguities,thirsty for the missing, skeptical, sharpened humor and of vivid imagination.
A productive thinker changes the ‘I Can’t’ attitude to ‘How Can I’?
He is able to predict about 40% of circumstances or downfalls associated to whatever he’s doing and FIND SOLUTIONS to them before it arises. A productive thinker anticipates the worst that could happen and find a quick solution to it. He does not play the ‘blame game’. As the bible says, when you walk with the wise you gain wisdom, when you associate with the foolish you become a fool. Productive thinkers choose who they want to associate with, their companies do not choose them. It is normally said, show me your friend and I’ll show you your future. Productive thinkers do not easily give up. They are not easily discouraged by the non-thinkers. Productive thinkers do not make excuses. They do not make their surroundings or economic circumstances affect their ways of thinking. As said by Floyd Mayweather – losers give excuses.
How can I be a productive thinker?
– Productive thinkers do not play the ‘blame game’
-Productive thinkers do not procrastinate
– They are foresighted
-Predict 50% of their expected results
-Do not easily jump into conclusion when situation arises
-Do not make decisions based. on temporal emotions.As I usually quote; Do not make temporal emotions cause you to make permanent decisions.
Productive thinkers do not talk about the past. They rather stay focused on what’s ahead not been met
He eschews complains and rather address them
A productive thinker is time conscious
The goal of every individual(organization) is to achieve the laid down objectives in order to be successful(earn profits). Nobody wants to be a failure in life. But remember we cannot all be successful but we must lay down something for our generation to base on in order to be successful. Being  a productive thinker makes you a leader automatically, because you do everything yourself. That makes you sacrifice something for something.
There are things God does and there are things you do. We make our plans and choices and He directs.The worst is when we spiritualize our inefficiency. How do we make our plans our choices? We do that by thinking PRODUCTIVELY.
Remember, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. Challenge your circumstances and think productively!
By: Kwasi Animah
E-mail : gideonanimah@yahoo.com
LinkedIn : Gideon Animah